There are something we can learn from Hannibal

April 22, 2014
Everyone should have noticed.

“Hannibal fashion show”, besides his preference for three-piece suit and Paisley necktie.

His different ways to tie a tie knot is also very special. It is thicker and founder.
People say it is because that the actor Mads’ chest muscle is strong, so big tie looks better on him than small knots.
But there are certain distance between chest muscles and neck … So necktie knots look larger and thicker have nothing to do with chest muscle at all.
As a matter of fact, Hannibal TV series producer Bryan Fuller himself had programmed to make Hannibal tie Double Windsor knot. But why is that?  Because double Windsor knot can exhibit different temperament and taste. and the double Windsor knot is the European high-level community, especially United Kingdom respected by.
Windsor collar, also known as wide-angle led, between left and right collar angle of 120 degrees ~180 degrees, arguably as most formal neckties in the world. It is known to be the favorite necktie knot of the Duke of Windsor, to coincide with the wide tie game invented by Duke of Windsor ‘ preferences. In the 1930 of the 20th century, the Duke of Windsor was visiting United States, this necktie knot was a tremendous popular, even had been mistaken for an American clothing styles. The collar shape is suitable for the Windsor knot tie and, in General, and the United Kingdom-style suits match and enjoy broad Windsor, but in recent years the open angle collar shirts pop and beat the smaller half Windsor tie match, this match can be refined in recent years reflected in retro-modernism.

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Custom dress shirts for men that wear too big dress shirts

October 21, 2013
If you normally use a size 39 in the classic rectangular shape, it may well be that you should try a more slender model possibly in size 40. The custom dress shirts should be fit in the neck and sit relatively close to the body. You’ll find more information here.
Shirts in a good quality is not cheap, but on the other hand, are available in a multitude of designs, and a good advice is to spend the most money on the classic colors and models.
Dress shirts for men

Real quality shirts, ironed, and so-called strygefri shirts can easily contain polluting substances, as the shirt is surface treated with.

Good shirts are manufactured in cotton types, who have long fibers, which gives a smooth and uniform fabric. This type of cotton sold under various names, but common to these two ply-yarns is that the shirts are easy to iron, is very durable and retain their light glistening over fall for a very long time.

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Custom dress shirts: Men wear dress shirts that are too big.

October 20, 2013

Too many men buying shirts, as was the red wine on offer by ” three for 150 kroner-type ”. Shirts must above all fit in size and cut.s

Too many men buy shirts that are too big. Many do it because the shirt as a second awning hangs out over the belly, and so one might well think that you look not so bloated out. We suggest visiting this site:
Nothing is less wrong, for all the redundant fabric curls and bags, and when you’ve been sitting in the car or on the plane in an hour’s time, it’s a smaller logistical operation to get the drug distributed evenly again. Many are simply need to unbutton his pants up, and then make the classic maneuver in getting the surplus distributed around the old shirt, so it’s not bags too much.
French cuffs shirts
I also know many who simply can’t stand that the shirt tightens the throat, when wearing ties, and therefore reflektorisk would ask that the shirt is at least a number too large.
The problem can be solved if one chooses a made-to-measure shirt, but that there are many who do not want to sacrifice. Another option is to go in a wide arc around shirts only available in medium, large, XL and XXL.

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Custom dress shirts: A step by step video guide.

October 20, 2013

Don’t think you can ever find dress shirts that fit? Your search has just ended. Watch this video and get clear directions on what to do get quality custom dress shirts at the right price.


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